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Compliance with Article 81 of NYC Food Code

  • Mock Health Department  inspections
  • Preparation of Certified HAACCP Plans
  • Automatic permit renewal, prevent fines for expired permits

Tribunal Representation

  • Attorney representation
  • Challenge Health Inspection results


  • Live seminars
  • Employee food safety training
  • Assistance with food handling protocols


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Letter Grade Consulting is a full service provider for all of your safety needs.  We furnish solutions to the food service industry. Our Clients include corporate cafeterias, hotels, restaurant chains, athletic facilities, upscale restaurants, coffee shops, catering companies and local eateries.   Restaurant health inspections conducted by the Health Department lead to fines and violations that could be avoided with proper quality control.  Our fundamental objective is to promote food safety and maintain a violation free kitchen by providing operators with consistent restaurant mock inspections, safety and sanitation solutions, education, proper training, and attorney representation.  With the growth of social media, public awareness of the letter in the window will continue to grow.  We deliver all of the tools necessary to keep the “A” in the window by maintaining a violation free kitchen. Engaging our services is a testament of the Owner’s commitment to go above and beyond food safety standards set out by the department of health. The cost of having anything other than an “A” in the window for even a day can lead to a restaurant’s demise.  Providing patrons with the highest level of food safety will increase revenue. Questioning the fairness of the system will not eliminate fines, health violations or increase business.  Utilizing LGC’s services will.   We assist all food service establishments subject to the letter grade system.  Letter Grade Consulting will help you achieve or maintain your “A” . We tailor our program to fit the individual needs of our Clients and their budgets.  Contact Us today to find out how we can assist you.