10 Things You Should Know About Governor Cuomo’s Significant Easing of Covid RestrictionsGovernor Cuomo announced significant easing of Covid Restrictions, based on vaccination progress and decline of Covid-19 Cases beginning May 19th.

10 Things You Should Know:

  1. All Capacity limits for businesses will be removed beginning May 19th
  2. Capacity limits will be replaced with social distancing
  3. Mask rules remain in effect
  4. Outdoor social gathering limit will be increased to 500 people starting May 10th
  5. Indoor social gathering limit will be increased to 250 people starting May 19th
  6. Outdoor residential gathering limit is removed
  7. Indoor residential gathering limit will increase to 50 starting May 19th
  8. Large scale indoor venue capacity is increased to 30%
  9. Large scale outdoor venue capacity will increase to 33% starting May 19th
  10. Proof of vaccination or recent negative Covid test will still be required for large scale venues

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