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100  New Yorkers surveyed ..

Top 5 answers on the Board

Here’s the Question…

What Does a  “Grade Pending” sign on the door of a restaurant mean?

The following are the top 5 answers…

  1. the place is dirty
  2.  its worse then an A,B, or C
  3. there are mice
  4. Don’t eat there
  5. Not sure

And now what the “Grade Pending” sign really means:

Any food service establishment subject to the letter Grade System has 2 chances to receive an “A” letter grade. If an establishment receives 0-13 points on the first inspection, the establishment receives an “A” .  If the result of the first inspection is over 13 points, they receive another chance.  The Health Department should come back within 7-10 days for the 2nd inspection. If the results of the 2nd inspection place the owner in anything other than an “A” category, the owner is given the chance to dispute the violations by attending a tribunal hearing.

A “Grade Pending” can very easily turn into an “A”, an establishment may be just a few points short.  So if you are a patron, and you know the meaning of a “Grade Pending” pass on the information, there is no reason why a restaurant should get a bad rep unless it deserves it.

If you are an owner/operator of an establishment that has a “Grade Pending”, you need to be aware of perception.  A “Grade Pending” needs to turn into an “A” as soon as possible.