Last updated on April 3rd, 2017 at 05:52 pm

1. Fines for violations are now fixed:

2.  Hearing examiners will no longer determine fines at hearings. 3. The hearing examiner at the (OATH ) Health Tribunal, will only decide whether to uphold a certain violation. 4.  Fine Waiver – If ALL of the following conditions are met, owners/operators will not have to pay any fines:

  • The inspection was an initial inspection
  • The violation that was upheld at the Health Tribunal was a “sanitary violation” (a violation that received points)
  • The total score AFTER the Health Tribunal is less than 14 points

5. Fine Waivers DO NOT apply to fines associated with “non-sanitary” violations.

  • non-sanitary violations are violations that do not have points
  • trans fat use, Smoke-Free Act violations, expired permits are some examples of non sanitary violations