Last updated on November 9th, 2016 at 04:40 pm

A mock inspection is an unannounced inspection simulated to recreate a Department of Health (DOHMH) Inspection.

Mock InspectionsWhy is it important for restaurants and all food service establishments to get independent mock inspections every month? We get asked this question all the time…

Besides the fact that they are the key to that coveted “A” letter grade on your door , the following is a list of the top 5 reasons independent mock inspections need to be conducted on a regular basis (we recommend at least monthly….some of our Clients prefer weekly)

  1. Things change- A restaurant kitchen is a dynamic environment. Just because there are no violations today, does not mean that they will not happen tomorrow. It is important to catch these violations early.   In addition to a list of daily protocols that we custom tailor to your establishment, an outside inspector performing inspections every month is a “fresh set of eyes”. An  inspector has the ability to observe  violations that weren’t there yesterday.
  2. Equipment needs maintenance- What will happen if a refrigeration unit breaks today? Ten points. Spoiled food that must be discarded, potential foodborne illness, DOH fines, risk of not getting an “A”, loss of revenue, the list goes on and on. By checking ambient temperatures of refrigeration and hot holding units our inspectors will know when they are not working properly. How about moldy ice machines? Five points, and maybe the most common violation.   Early detection will prompt maintenance, which in turn can easily prevent all those horrible scenarios
  3. Employees change- Just when all of your employees have been properly trained, you have to let someone go. Happens all the time. Most violations are due to the fault of employees. Not properly stocking or using a hand wash sink is ten points. Consistent inspections will ensure that new and old employees are properly monitored.
  4. Employees get complacent- Happens all the time. DOH comes in, you get your “A”..stress is over..right? Wrong! Are you aware that a complaint based inspection can happen anytime? What about improper food handling that can contaminate food that is served to your customers? Compliance does not end when a restaurant gets an “A”. Monthly mock inspections keep employees on their toes!
  5. Practice makes perfect- Having to go through inspections every month, is a lot different then having to do it once in a while. It takes panic out of the equation and develops a consistent routine. Practice make perfect. We like to tell our Clients that our mock inspections will KEEP them “Inspection Ready”.


Mock inspections are not expensive. Depending on the size of your establishment, they cost between $7 -$15 a day. An extremely small price to pay for priceless results. Contact us for an absolutely free consultation.