Last updated on April 3rd, 2017 at 05:33 pm

Preventing cross contamination is critical in preventing food borne illness .  The Following are five ways to keep your restaurants free of violations and your patrons safe:

1. Any surface that comes into contact with food must be cleaned.  In order to properly clean food contact surfaces remember to:

  • wash
  • sanitize
  • dry

2. All wiping cloths used to wipe contact surfaces must be kept in buckets, filled with proper sanitizing solution.  Wiping cloths should never be left on the counter.  Remember to:

  • change the water as often as possible
  • always check your solution after preparation

3. Encourage handwashing.  Make sure hand washing sinks are:

  • equipped with hot/cold water
  • properly stocked with soap and single use paper towels
  • have proper signage

4. Promote proper glove use.  “Proper glove use” does NOT mean wearing your gloves all day.   It means changing gloves often!

5.  Educate your employees! According to the DOHMH, each food service establishment is required to have one FPC holder on premises at all times.  That ultimately means that one person has had proper food training.  We recommend that each and every employee that comes in contact with food should receive proper training.  Invest in your employees, your customers will thank you!