Last updated on August 24th, 2017 at 08:42 pm

It was enacted to benefit the environment,  Local Law 092 of 2015 prohibited businesses from keeping doors open when air conditioning was on.  As a result, restaurant operators were prevented from providing patrons with a dining experience that included open doors.

Hopefully change is on the way…here’s the scoop:

Local Law 092 of 2015
In order to prevent businesses from overusing air conditioners by blowing cold air into city streets to lure customers on hot summer days, an amendment was made to the administrative Code of the City of New York. Although it was never intended to include restaurants, for the first time language in this law was written in a way to include restaurants.

2017 Air Conditioning Law Reform
City Council has recently passed legislation to amend the law, by clarifying that the law DOES NOT apply to restaurants.

The legislation has now been sent to Mayor Bill de Blasio.  The Mayor can either veto or sign the legislation into law.  If he does nothing it automatically becomes law in 30 days.  We will keep you updated

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