NY Governor Kathy Hochul pushes to make cocktails to go permanentNew York’s “cocktails to go” law is set to expire in 2025. Governor Kathy Hochul is pushing for a permanent extension.

Originally introduced as a temporary measure during the COVID-19 pandemic, “Cocktails to Go” was enacted to help struggling restaurants and bars required to shut their doors to indoor dining. It turned out to be a lifeline for so many establishments facing financial hardship.

Under the current law:

  • Guests must purchase a “substantial food item” to buy liquor or wine to go,
    • Substantial food items – soups, sandwiches, hot dogs, wings, salads
    • Not considered “substantial food”- chips, candy
  • All cocktails/glasses of wine prepared to go, must be sealed with a lid or a cap.
  • Bars and restaurants cannot sell full bottles of liquor or wine to go.

As the current law nears expiration, Governor Hochul and other state lawmakers will negotiate the issue as part of state budget talks. A final budget is due by the end of March…

Stay tuned…