Last updated on April 21st, 2021 at 05:21 pm

Indoor Dining Curfew Extended for New York City Restaurants and BarsBeginning April 19th, New York Bars and Restaurants can finally stay open until 12am. Although the curfew extension is good news for NYC, more has to be done for bars and restaurants struggling to stay afloat and recover.

Governor Cuomo has been steadily increasing indoor dining capacity for restaurants. Unfortunately, those steady increases have applied to restaurants outside NYC.

The road to recovery for Restaurants and Bars…10 things you should know

  1. Effective Monday, April 19th, curfew for New York Restaurants and Bars will be extended to midnight.
  2. The current curfew is 11pm
  3. Effective Monday, April 19th NY catered events will be extended to 1 AM, one hour later than the current midnight cut off.
  4. Curfew for gyms and casinos has previously been lifted entirely, allowing them to stay open all night
  5. Gyms and casinos cannot serve food all night.
  6. In nearby New Jersey, restaurants have been operating past the 10 PM curfew since February
  7. Currently, all restaurants in New York State can fill their indoor dining rooms to 75% capacity.
  8. Indoor dining remains limited to 50% capacity for NYC restaurants.
  9. If you order an alcoholic beverage, it still has to be served with a “food item”
  10. Customers are still not allowed to be seated to eat at a bar in New York City.

Extending curfew for New York City bars and restaurants struggling to stay afloat is definitely a step in the right direction, however we need more. As Andrew Rigie, Executive Director of the New York City Hospitality Alliance, has stated, we still need a roadmap for when the curfew will be lifted entirely like it has been for other industries, as well as the lifting of other restrictions currently in place.