The Exposed Pipe Violation -DOHMH Violation “Uninsulated exposed overhead pipes observed above a dishwasher in the basement”. “Uninsulated exposed overhead pipes observed above a reach-in freezer and 2-door refrigerator in the kitchen”.

You have been operating for years and never received this violation…until you did.

Sound familiar? Now what?

Most of our Clients first turn to their architects. Their architect swears these are not waste pipes. Really? But the restaurant received a “6C” violation. A violation that carries with it a minimum of 5 points and a maximum of 8 depending on the condition level. When all you can get is 13 to keep you’re “A”, that’s way too many to give up on one violation.

If this is was an initial inspection, now you have to wait for the re-inspection, and deal with the fines.

If this was the re-inspection, you now have a hearing that will determine your grade and not just fines. You can settle, pay a fraction less, keep your “B” grade, or defend, ultimately placing your business in the hands of an OATH Judge. Now you have to convince the Judge that these are not in fact waste pipes. Maybe you get the violation dismissed, or maybe you don’t.

Frustrating? …. Definitely!

This is the advice we give our Clients.

Simply insulate ALL overhead pipes, regardless of what kind. Why? To prevent an “unprotected waste pipe” violation.   The insulation is not expensive and easy to wrap.  The cost and time are minimal. Especially when compared to the scenario described above.  And lets not forget that anything under “an unprotected waste pipe” is now properly protected.

Being proactive means taking action before inaction results in violations.  There are many minor, inexpensive ways to prevent violations and fines.  Implementing will save your “A” grade.

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