Last updated on July 21st, 2023 at 12:19 am

It’s officially summer, and we couldn’t be happier. But warmer temperatures bring more bugs and rodents, creating challenges for food service operators trying to keep their establishments pest free.

Although extermination is better left to the professionals (a good pest management provider doesn’t just show up when there’s already a problem…if you don’t have one…get one ASAP), routine monitoring and ongoing prevention will help identify and eliminate pests before it becomes a problem.

How to Keep Food Service Establishments Pest FreeDaily Practices & Protocols to Pest Proof Your Restaurant

Don’t let them in:

  • Keep garbage outside covered with tight-fitting lids in rodent-proof containers.
  • Keep doors/windows closed whenever possible or install screens.
  • Seal any openings for utilities using high-quality sealants.
  • Inspect all packages coming in for signs of pest activity (gnawed corners)
  • Check deliveries for spoiled food, discard immediately.
  • Look for leaks, holes, and broken flooring, fix and replace.

Keep the inside clean:

  • Store food in food-grade rodent-resistant containers.
  • Inspect all drains to ensure they are working properly.
  • Keep floors clean free of food debris.
  • Eliminate any standing water.
  • Clean grease, oil and food particles from all surfaces and equipment.
  • Keep all products stored at least 6 inches above the floor.

Educate your staff:

Employees in the front and back of the house are your first line of defense against pests.

  • Make sure they recognize specific pests and signs of pest activity (droppings, nests, gnawed packaging, etc.)
  • Have them report any issues immediately.
  • Create cleaning schedules.
  • Promote accountability by having managers sign off on completed tasks.

Bugs and/or rodents in food service establishments are critical violations. Department of Health Inspectors that find any during an inspection will issue fines and points. Being proactive is key.  Be sure to follow the above protocols and schedule a mock inspection.  Our inspectors perform complete audits of your operation, helping you prevent potential violations. Contact us today!