Last updated on August 24th, 2017 at 08:47 pm

Food TrucksFood trucks and carts are subject to inspections by the Department of health, however unlike restaurants the results are not posted for public view.

That is about to change …

The City Council unanimously voted in favor of bill number 1456 that will require food trucks and carts to adhere to the letter grade system and post letter grades.  Just because food isn’t being prepared or sold in brick and mortar restaurants, there is no reason why food trucks and carts shouldn’t be held to the same standards.

Based on a new report issued by the Senate and Independent Conference, NYC had some of the dirtiest carts with the highest rate of violations.  Adhering to the letter grade system would improve sanitary conditions and provide transparency for consumers. “Everyone who handles food should be subject to the same rules”  Karen Koslowitz (D-Queens), the bill’s sponsor…Agreed!

The new bill will take effect 270 days after it is signed into law.