Last updated on July 21st, 2023 at 12:15 am

restaurant owners using delivery apps should know their rights & responsibilities under NYC lawsNYC laws include licensing requirements for 3rd party delivery apps and protections for restaurants that use them. If you are a restaurant owner that uses delivery apps, you should know your rights & responsibilities.

Your Rights:

  • To list your restaurant, Apps must have a written agreement with your restaurant on the app.
    ***Any Agreements made after January 24, 2022, must include bathroom access for food delivery workers
  • Apps cannot charge your restaurant more than the fee caps.
    • Delivery fees – capped at 15% of purchase price
    • Transaction fees – capped at 3% of purchase prices
    • All other fees – capped at a total of 5% of each online order
      *** Find detailed info on fee caps here
  • Apps that list or link to your restaurant phone number must include the direct phone number.
  • Apps must make clear to customers that additional phone number listed is for the app and confirm any fees to use numbers to place orders.
  • Apps cannot charge you for phone orders that do not end with a sale.
  • In some cases, apps must give your restaurant customer data if you request it.

Your Responsibilities: