Last updated on May 4th, 2021 at 04:26 pm

New York Ends Dining Curfew and Brings Back Bar Seating

NYC will lift dining curfew, allow bar seating and lift rule requiring food to be served with alcohol

Governor Cuomo announced ending New York’s bar and restaurant curfew.  This comes one day after the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) updated its mask guidance, for fully vaccinated and non-vaccinated people.  Curfew will be lifted according to the following dates

  • Starting May 17th for outdoor dining areas
  • Starting May 31st for indoor dining

Other New Changes and Dates You Should know:

  • Bar seating will be once again be allowed in NYC, starting May 3rd,
  • The New York State Liquor Authority food/alcohol purchase rule, requiring a “food item” to be served with alcoholic beverages, has been repealed doing away with  an Executive order  still here.
  • The 1am curfew for catered events will be lifted for events where attendees can show proof of immunization or a recent negative Covid test starting May 17th,
  • curfew for ALL catered events will be lifted starting May 31st

What hasn’t changed?

  • NYC current indoor dining capacity – 50%
  • NYS (outside of NYC) current indoor dining capacity – 75%.

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