NY Passes Bill Making Restaurant Reservation Black Market IllegalOn June 7th New York passed Bill S9365 the “Restaurant Reservation Anti-Piracy Act” to combat a significant rise in predatory software flooding the online restaurant reservation marketplace.

Guests wanting to dine out at restaurants will no longer have to compete with predatory bots capturing reservations and reselling them at excessively high prices. And restaurants will no longer be left with empty seats from unauthorized 3rd-party reserved tables.

To prevent platforms from setting up unauthorized restaurant reservations the “Restaurant Reservation Anti-Piracy Act” requires 3rd-party restaurant reservation services to enter into a written agreement with restaurants before being able to list reservations on their website, mobile app or other platform.

“New Yorkers should not have to pay shady middlemen just for the right to a dinner reservation. With this legislation, we are ensuring that families can celebrate a graduation, anniversary, or birthday without a $250, $500, or even $1,000cover charge.” – Assemblymember Alex Bores.

This legislation is the first of its kind in the nation to be passed at the state level. The bill awaits Governor Hochul’s signature to become state law.