Last updated on August 28th, 2017 at 06:45 pm

The rules of commercial recycling have changed.  As of August 1st 2017, the Department of Sanitation has officially started enforcement of those rules.

Businesses now have the primary burden to properly separate recyclables and make arrangements for their collection.  In addition, they must-

  • Contract with a private carter and devise a plan;
  • Obtain registration if they would like to transport recyclables on their own;
  • Recycle certain materials, and ensure as best they can that the private hauler that they have hired is handling those materials properly;
  • Post signs identifying haulers that they are using ,what materials they collect, and how those materials will be collected (source-separated, single-stream or co-collected);
  • Never place recyclables and garbage in the same bag;
  • Make sure that recyclables are never placed in the same compartment of a truck or container with garbage;
  • Update their current recycling policies to include better container labeling indicating what material is being collected.

We encourage all restaurant owners, operators, and managers, to make sure that they are in compliance.  Read the rules here.  Non-compliance will result in violations.

Please contact us with any questions.  We are always here to help.