Last updated on March 17th, 2021 at 09:51 pm


Assisting food service operators in complying with the Food Code, and providing them with tools to operate at the highest levels of food safety and sanitation has always been our main objective. While the objective stays the same, the impact of Covid-19 has become a game changer.

In just a few months the Virus has altered the way we think, the way we feel and ultimately the way we live. Although, there is no evidence that Covid-19 can be transmitted through food, heightened awareness and fear are driving dining decisions. As a result, food service operators are finding themselves faced with unforeseen challenges around brand reputation and customer trust. Whether food is being delivered, prepared for takeout, served indoors or outdoors, guests want reassurance that the food they are eating is safe.

As we closely monitor the impact of Covid-19 on the foodservice industry, we are continuously making changes to the services we provide. Our goal is to help operators prepare, comply and maintain a safe establishment that goes above and beyond to ensure guests that they are being provided with high quality service in a safe environment.

The services we have added are designed to supply our Clients with information that is accurate and timely, help them comply with guidelines, establish protocols, develop operating procedures and employee training programs. Providing them with solutions necessary to maintain food safety standards, run safe operations, mitigate risk, and stay transparent in order to build guest confidence in the era of Covid-19.

New Covid-19 Related Services:

  • Safety Plans
    • Preparation of NYC required safety plans
    • Review Safety Plans that have already been completed to ensure accuracy
  • Covid Compliance Audit- Designed to ensure compliance with all Covid related rules, mandates and policies. Audits can be conducted on or off site.
    • Off site – Operators provide compliance protocols already in place. After a full analysis, a report with our findings and recommendations is provided.
    • On site – Our inspectors verify compliance with all Covid related rules, mandates and policies, inspect high touch areas, verify compliance. A report with our findings and recommendations is provided within 24-48 hours.
  • Virtual staff training seminars – Covering compliance, rules, policies, precautions and protocols to prevent spread of Covid-19 (seminars can be custom tailored to fit specific needs)
*** Our Mock Inspections/ 3rd Party Audits – will now include Covid-19 related
regulations/safety precautions.