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Since we retained the services of Letter Grade Consulting, we have developed a true professional partnership. Their inspectors engage and assist us in training our staff. Their customer service is consistent and timely, any questions that come up are always answered promptly. Letter Grade Consulting has helped us bring our Hotel to a new level, we appreciate the partnership.

Park Lane Hotel New York Reviews Letter Grade Consulting

Joshua Weissbard
Director of Food & Beverage Operations

We used to waste a lot of time attending tribunals with little to show for it. LGC consistently saved us money by representing us…I would absolutely recommend LGC, they are experts at what they do, are not afraid to tell us what we need to do to reduce our risks and pass inspections, and have excellent response time at all hours.

Waldorf Astoria Reviews Letter Grade Consulting

David Garcelon
Executive Chef

I read about LGC in the New York Times.. I would wholeheartedly recommend LGC, they have helped me educate my staff in preparing for inspections and keeping our establishment in top shape. I am very satisfied with the customer service, they are always reachable.

Amy Ruth's Reviews Letter Grade Consulting

David Meckles
General Manager

I have worked with food safety consultants in the past. I was never completely satisfied with the follow up. Since retaining LGC, I am pleasantly surprised. They have proven to be true professionals in their field of expertise. I feel like they are a real part of our team, and would highly recommend their services. The reason is simple provide results.

Sugar Factory reviews Letter Grade Consulting

Tom Recine

We began receiving these types of services after the Letter Grade System was implemented. LGC’s follow up surprised us. We expected a report and answers to any questions we had, but they maintained a dialogue and built a relationship with management. I would absolutely recommend LGC and already have.

Merchants Hospitality reviews Letter Grade Consulting

Abraham Merchant

I wanted a true partner that would be able to suggest and assist us with all our sanitation needs. Letter Grade Consulting became that partner, we have received valuable suggestions that help us improve employee work habits, improve our facilities and raise our sanitation scores. The team at Letter Grade Consulting is always ready to answer questions, and their turn around time is extremely fast. I would definitely recommend LGC. They have perfectly addressed our market sanitation needs and is a great return on investment.

Lotte New York Palace

Jacques Sorci
Executive Chef

We have been using Letter Grade Consulting service for more than a year for all New York locations. We are extremely satisfied with their support and highly recommend to all food service establishments.

Pokeworks reviews Letter grade consulting

Lelin Kandel

I Truly appreciate your high standards and level of professionalism. I’m impressed.

Metropolitan Room review Letter Grade Consulting

Managing Partner

Leon’s expert guidance helped us get a borderline-perfect score on our inspection. Looking forward to working with him, ongoing.

The Restaurant at 432 Park Avenue

Will Simons
General Manager

I have used Letter Grade Consulting with three different companies in the past. Very professional and extremely knowledgeable about all DOH inspections. I will partner with them again and highly recommend. The owner Leon is very reliable and a great support.

The Standard

Julien Pierlas
Director, F&B

Letter Grade Consulting responded, performed and acted as a partner of our businesses. Even after we were forced to shutdown and through our incremental steps back to reopening LGC provided the guidance and reliance we needed despite our inability to pay. I am grateful and look forward to being a paying customer again.

Bowry Group restaurants review Letter Grade Consulting

Chris Paraskevaides
Bowery Group Restaurants

Super thorough and professional! Very much recommended to any business that is struggling with DOH regulations.

Milan Zivkovic

Letter Grade Consulting is always good on necessary advices

Union Club of the City of New York review letter grade consulting

Claude Godard
Executive Chef

Ever since we retained Letter Grade Consulting Health Department compliance is one less thing we have to worry about..I recommend them to everyone.

Anthony Pennachio