Last updated on November 9th, 2016 at 03:48 pm

Considered a critical violation by the NYC Health Code, flies found during an inspection by the Department of Health carry many points, can cost thousands of dollars in fines, and may  possibly jeopardize the “A” on your door.  Besides causing compliance issues with the letter grade system,  the bacteria transmitted by flies could potentially contaminate food and result in customer illness.

Although flies can be found year round, Tis’ the season.  Evidence of flies, is a common violation in all food service establishments during the summer months.   During this time it is critical to prevent pests from entering.  Should they find a home they can be extremely difficult to get rid of.

In preparation for the summer months, we always advise our Clients to add the following 10 items to their list of daily protocols..
Fruit Flies

  1. Check fruit AND vegetable deliveries thoroughly;
  2. Be sure to look for fruits and/or vegetables that may have fallen underneath/behind appliances during prep;
  3. Rinse and discard ANY/ALL empty bottles as soon as possible (not just beverages, ketchup bottles too!);
  4. Because moisture is the breeding ground, keep everything as dry as possible, make sure any spills (water/wine/beer) are cleaned up as fast as possible;
  5. Check sinks thoroughly, especially slop sinks;
  6. Make sure grease traps are not leaking;
  7. Check that all floor drains are draining properly;
  8. Remember to keep all dishcloths in sanitizing solution;
  9. Discard old mops that aren’t being used anymore;
  10. Periodically wash garbage receptacles to get rid of any food or liquid that has dried.

Having a food safety program is key to running a successful food service operation. For more ways to avoid fines, penalties and most importantly keep patrons safe from food born illness contact us at ..
We raise the bar to keep the “A” on your door!